District 46 Senator Jim Roers walks door to door with Governor Dalrymple

by WDAY | Oct 27, 2012
Senator Jim Roers campaigns door to door with Governor Dalrymple

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)

Some Fargo homeowners got quite the surprise today when they saw who was knocking at the door. It was Governor Jack Dalrymple. He and District 46 Senate candidate Jim Roers canvassed neighborhoods, talking with potential voters and handing out information.

Many residents are used to candidates dropping by their neighborhoods, but many were surprised to see the Governor.

Fargo resident, Kelsey Lee, says, "that's fantastic. I've had a couple others that had other people doing it for them, and I was very surprised to see them come themselves, I thought that was amazing."

Governor Dalrymple and Leiutenant Governor Wrigley are making door-to-door visits across the state. 

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