West Fargo Fire Department Highlight in PCI Midwest Newsletter

by PCI Midwest | Dec 21, 2012
West Fargo Fire Department Highlighted in PCI Midwest Newsletter

When the West Fargo Fire Department needed a new re station they began the process considering the traditional brick and block system. However there were some other factors that weighed in on this decision, beating the brutal North Dakota winters and the necessary durability and austerity a re station inherently expects.

While the design team understood the speed of construction with precast they may not have been fully aware of the impact of such a fast enclosure for winter construction. Having the structure enclosed to nish through the winter was extremely cost effective and helpful to the remaining logistics of construction. In the end the cost of the project and the cost of a precast system was much more cost effective than a cavity wall.

As the re department board moved through the design process, a production tour further helped the owner team understand the composition of a precast wall as well as how a ‘brick wall’ was achieved with precast.

Fire Chief Roy Schatschneider of the West Fargo Fire Department said the following of his newly constructed re hall, “The precast solution provided by the precaster has been a complete success. The design process, and the guided tour of the manufacturing facility we received while our project was actually being produced, allowed for greater understanding and condence in the quality and care that went into our building. The speed of installation was very impressive and remarked upon by both citizens and city ocials of West Fargo…overall, the community is very pleased with the precast solution.”

Owner: West Fargo Fire Department - General Contractor: Roers Construction - Location: West Fargo, ND

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