T Lofts Lease Up Sparks Interest from WDAY & KVLY

by WDAY | Jan 21, 2014
T Lofts Lease Up Sparks Local Interest


Both WDAY and KVLY visited Roers' lease up event for the T Loft Apartments on January 21st. Below is the story from WDAY, pictures featured from both WDAY and KVLY news:

Fargo, N.D. (WDAY TV) - NDSU Students lined up early this morning in the cold to get a spot in new apartments near NDSU's campus.

The T Loft apartment complex is a hot commodity since it's the closest to campus.
It's less than a quarter mile away, and the current 102 apartments have been full since it opened in 2011.

79 new units are being built.

Students say they waited in line for these perks: an apartment that's never been lived in, all utilities included, and a bathroom for every bedroom.

Nicole Fedie, NDSU Freshman: “We just really wanted to make sure we got the one that we wanted and they are really nice so we just wanted to make sure we got what we wanted so you have to get there early if you want that.”

Construction of the new lofts should be finished in August, just in time for students to move in before fall classes.

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