VIP Checkout Experience

Lets be honest, moving is not always the most enjoyable time. It can be stressful, exhausting, time consuming and expensive. Roers Property Management has come up with an option to help alleviate all of those parts of moving so residents can look forward to the next part of their journey – the VIP Checkout Experience.

The VIP Checkout Experience is an exclusive offer for our North Fargo properties. The Roers Property Management team really dug into what it is that can be the most stressful parts of moving out. This is what brought the VIP Checkout Experience to life! It can be hard to manage moving out along with working, going to school or coordinating multiple schedules with roommates, but then add in cleaning, scheduling carpet cleaners, packing and then ensuring the check out time will work with your schedule. The Roers Property Management team is very excited to offer this opportunity and make life a little easier.

Here are some of the items included in the VIP Checkout Experience which residents can take advantage of:

There is a limited number of spots available for this offer. For more information, please contact a Roers Property Ambassador at 

If you like what you see regarding how well we treat our residents when they are moving out, you should see the great things residents enjoy when they live with us – check out a Roers property now and ask about taking a virtual tour.


Roers Named to Best Pizzeria Contractor In U.S. List

Roers was recently named as one of the Best Pizzeria Contractors in the United States by the General Contractors (GC) Magazine. This list features one contractor per state. Roers is proud to have been selected for their work done in North Dakota.

The project highlighted by the GC Magazine is MacKenzie River Pizza in West Fargo, North Dakota.  The restaurant opened in late 2018. The 7,400 square foot restaurant introduces the inviting ‘industrial meets rustic’ atmosphere with the subtle element mix of rock, barn wood, metals and warm lighting.  For a peak of the intriguing and warm interior of MacKenzie River Pizza visit

Visit the GC Magazine article to view the article featuring Roers as the North Dakota award recipient.


Stay Active & Healthy

Staying active can help with your physical and mental health and there are so many ways that you can continue to stay active at home. So many of us are currently stuck staying at home doing workouts since the fitness centers closed during this time. Its important to take time for yourself to keep you healthy and active.  

Here are a few ideas you can do right from your home: 

  • Online workouts – Many fitness companies are currently offering free online workouts. If you are passionate about group fitness or have participated in group fitness before your gym was closed, you can join a Zoom workout or find a workout on YouTube! Simply search your favorite type of workout and you will find a long list to choose from. For a lot of home workouts, you won’t need to use fitness equipment, but you can also find great alternatives at home. You can use soup cans for weights, a chair for triceps dips, there are so many great alternatives out there!  
  • If you weren’t into working out before you had to stay at home, you still need to make sure you are keeping your body moving. Try setting a reminder on your phone and try one of these activities 1)every 30 minutes you walk up and down your stairs, 2) each time your phone rings you must do a push up or even a jumping jackDo a wall sit during that long daily conference call. 
  • Another way to keep your body healthy is to stretch and meditate. Finding ways to calm your mind and reach for your toes may be a great way for you to stay active. Stretching before you start your day and before bed is just enough to keep blood flowing, prevent injury or chronic pain and increase your flexibility!  

Staying inside right now is hard but so important. Staying active and focusing on your physical and mental health will make it so much easier. Keep up the good work and do the things that your body needs, it will thank you in the long run. Get as creative as you need to just make sure that you are getting your body moving throughout the day! 

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D.I.Y. Tips for Apartment Living

With all of the social distancing regulations and being stuck in your apartment, what better time than now to redecorate your unit at a low cost! You can order things online or find things to use you already have since you can’t venture out right. 

Here are a few ideas that are relatively cheap and will easily spruce up your apartment: 

  • Add some flowers to a colorful vase to brighten up your space. 
  • Decorate your unit with succulents of all different sizes and shapes.
  • Buy some plain white canvas and paint. It is a great stress reliever and can easily be used as wall art when you’re finished.
  • Find a new colorful rug, it will brighten up your space and transform your living room!
  • Add decorative storage basketsThey make for an easy decoration and help keep your space tidy.
  • Switch up your throw blankets and throw pillows – a change of color can do magic!
  • Add some fairy lights to your bedroom to make your room look more cozy.
  • Change out your photos in your pictures frames and replace them with your new favorites.
  • Use thick washi tape –  It is super cheap and comes in all different colors and patterns. It easily goes on the wall and peels off with no wall damage. It’s a great way to add color and patterns without having to paint or use wallpaper.
  • Large wooden letters – spray paint a fun color like gold or silver –> looks expensive but a super cheap and easy DIY project.
  • Add art prints to your walls. Society 6 is a great site to check out that is super easy to order and inexpensive. Then you can buy an inexpensive frame or paint one that you already have. This is a super easy way to change up your space!
  • Color coordinate your closet to make it look more organized. Go through your closet and make a donation pile for anything you no longer want or need.
  • Find an inexpensive wooden ladder and paint it, then stack your favorite blankets on it. This adds cute décor while keeping all of your blankets folded and organized. 

Hopefully these ideas make you want to redecorate your space and occupy your time with some fun Do It Yourself projects!  


Sheyenne Senior Housing Is Moving Ground

Ground is being moved at the Sheyenne Senior Housing project in West Fargo. The crew has completed excavating the first buildings footprint. The concrete subcontractor is starting the forming of footings and foundation walls. After footings and foundations are finished, masonry start with CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls of the first building. Demolition on the second building footprint continues. Excavating will start at the end of the week of April 20.

The  Sheyenne Senior Housing in West Fargo will include two new 4-story Senior Housing Buildings called “The Monterey” and “The Bridges” along with Housing Authority of Cass County offices.  The Monterey Apartments will consist of 42 one-bedroom and three two-bedroom units as well as the Housing Authority of Cass County offices. 

A unique aspect of this project is that it began with tearing down 22 low income houses. The new housing facility being constructed is a 136,000 square foot facility which will serve as housing for for low income seniors.

For more information on this project, please continue to visit the Sheyenne Senior Housing project page.



Be on the Watch for Covid Scams

There are many warnings out that scammers are out in full force taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that Americans have lost almost $13 million in COVID-19 related scams so far. Unfortunately that number will likely increase. 

Some important tips to be sure to follow during this time:

  • Watch for phishing emails or websites asking for personal or financial information.
  • Ask questions if you receive a suspicious phone call
  • When dealing with stimulus checks, be sure to only communicate with the IRS if needed. Nothing needs to be done on your end so be sure to not sign up for anything.

For more information on the current scams, please visit To report a scam, visit

Here is a helpful document with other tips and scam information to protect yourself from some known scams.


Call 211 For Help

In this unique situation, the needs that individuals and families have are growing. We know there are members of our community that need immediate help and are not sure who to call or where to find help. For those looking for resources and help for access to food, assistance with paying rent or utility bills, mental health support, or referrals to other services, there is help. Call 2-1-1. This is a free, confidential service available to all Minnesota and North Dakota residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By Dialing “211” it will provide individuals and families in need a way to find assistance and be connected to the appropriate agencies and community partners.

We encourage you if you know some that needs help finding food, paying bills, or other essential services, please Dial 211.

To find more information out about 211 and what help is provided please check out

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Cape At Savona Still on Track

The Cape at Savona Point in Florida is still moving forward with construction. We visited with Matt Nygard, Project Manager with Roers Development, to get an update on the project during this unique time.

How is leasing currently being done?

All leasing is being conducted virtually.  When we receive leads, we respond to each lead with a phone call to identify specific needs and wants. Then we email them a digital brochure and schedule a time for a virtual tour. We can provide a Facetime tour if the prospect has capability or videos delivered via email. 

What safety precautions are being done at the construction site?

CDC guidelines are being followed at the site. In addition, there are multiple hand washing stations and facilities are being thoroughly cleaned multiple times a day. All trades are required to wear masks and rubber gloves 100% of the time while on site.  Anyone working together must stay 6 feet apart at all times.   

Have the construction completion dates been adjusted?

We are still on track for our original target date for move in by May 1, 2020. The Clubhouse and Building One are the first two buildings that will be completed.

For more information about Cape at Savona Point or to contact us for a virtual tour, please visit



Trying to Stay Calm During Covid-19

During the Covid-19 we realize that all our community is facing uncertainty and stress. At Roers we are working hard to help create calmness with facts and resources that can help employees, subcontractors, property owners, residents, and the community as a whole.

This visual that has been shared out in social media is a great visual for us as a community to use during this time. Encouraging yourself and others to move out of the Fear Zone and into the Growth Zone. Each day is a new day to bring positivity and gratitude into this very stressful situation.

Please don’t forget if you are a current resident with Roers we also have a Roers Covid-19 Page set up for you. Please check back frequently for updates and read the Q&A section:

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Creating Virtual Fun for Residents

Engaging with our residents has a different look these days. With the self distance guidelines in place, we have come up with different events and activities to still be able to interact with residents and create some fun right from home.

Whether you need a study break or a break from your work day, we invite residents and anyone to take part. Below are some events coming up on Facebook lives”

4/7/20 at 4 pm – Fargo-Moorhead Trivia

4/9/20 at 1 pm – Blindfolded Drawing Game

4/13/20 at 1 pm – Hangman

4/16/20 at 4 pm – Celebrity Trivia

4/21/20 at 4 pm – Travel Trivia

4/23/20 at 11 am – Scattergories

 Follow us on our RPMR Facebook page for more for more fun!