Maximizing Workplace Safety

At Roers, the bare minimum is never enough and that is how we treat safety as well.  Our safety program is more than just words in a manual, it is how we do business. Safety is engrained in our core values and it is how we work. Roers stands out in the construction industry because we go above and beyond OSHA requirements, we strive for an injury free work environment. Roers is a strong believer in OSHA’s Mission: To ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Safety is supported by all in our company from our CEO down to our newest employee. Roers has three safety committees that work with each company entity to help guide our safety program.

When you see a Roers job site you will notice our team members have all the safety PPE on. We choose our subcontractor carefully as well to ensure they respect and abide by our safety practices. Working together is how everyone stays safe. Andrew St. John, is the Safety Manager at Roers. Andrew’s main responsibility is to ensure team members have a safe work environment and that they work safe.  Andrew is a certified CPR first-aid trainer and Certified Equipment trainer. He also conducts an annual safety training. Andrew performs job site inspections on a regular basis and works with the Bismarck State College OSHA consult program to insure Roers is compliant with OSHA regulations. He also manages workman’s compensation claims, in the unfortunate event that is needed, and helps coordinate our involvement in the WSI safety management system.

Andrew commented, “I enjoy getting to work closely with everyone in the company to help get them home the same way they came to work. I love helping people avoid injuries and I love being part of the Roers family!” Maximizing every opportunity to ensure safety procedures are followed whether on the job site, at a property or in the office setting is something you can expect when working with Roers.

Roers Safety Staff

Providing Homes to Cape Coral Community

The Cape at Savona Point is still under construction, however some residents are getting settled in to the buildings that are completed. So how did this project come about? We wanted to share how Roers is helping provide new homes to the community of Cape Coral some and interesting insights the team worked through as the project was in the initial stages.

The development team became aware of the lack of multi-family housing options in the Cape Coral area in Florida. Many housing developments focused on patio homes and single family residential.  The multi-family residential that was available was not meeting the demand for the fast growing city of Cape Coral.  Larry Nygard, Roers Development President, and team located a perfect site within a few blocks of an elementary school, a middle school and a high school that is also centrally located to everything else.  The main vision is to provide a housing option to people in the service industry, nurses, teachers and more. This was an opportunity to provide housing for those that want a unique, affordable housing option without owning their own home.

Jeremy Easum, Civil Engineer with Roers, provided some insights on the initial project planning stages and how it was different from others.  Jeremy commented, “A couple of differences that stand out to me are the regulations are so much more intense on development.  This project has 25 building permits.   The other main difference that engineers and surveyors can appreciate is the elevation.  I’m used to creating plans in North Dakota with design elevations of 2500 feet above sea level and where I came from in Wyoming elevations of 4800’ above sea level.  Our base flood design elevation on Savona was 7’ above sea level.”

 Partnerships in this project were more important than ever. “We knew early on this project would be different.  We wanted to be heavily involved in the design and construction and use the knowledge base we have built over the years constructing multi-family developments,” stated Jeremy.  Local partnerships with multiple firms including our general contractor, Brooks and Freund were developed.  Other firms including architect, civil consultant, environmental consultant, landscape architect, geotechnical consultant, marketing consultant, leasing & property management consultant and lending partners have proven to be great partnerships.  Through this process Roers has also developed a relationship with the City of Cape Coral.   All of these partnerships and relationships hopefully will yield other opportunities in Florida.

For more details on the Cape at Savona project, please visit


Property Highlight – Roosevelt Townhomes

Do you want to love where you live?! Then the Roosevelt Townhomes are the place for you!

Located in the heart of the Roosevelt Neighborhood in North Fargo, these three-story spacious three-bedroom, two-bathroom units have so much to offer you.

Enter the unit and you will be greeted with a tandem two car garage, and entry leading you to the open floor plan of the main level. This level will feature one bedroom, one full bathroom, the kitchen, living room and a hall storage closet. Up one more level, and you will find both bedrooms two, and three, another full bath and more hallway storage, as well as the full-sized washer and dryer that are included in every unit!

The Roosevelt Townhomes are all inclusive! That means, all utilities are included! No need to worry about fluctuating bills, starting, or ending service. You just pay your rent every month and the rest is taken care of. Its so easy and convenient!  Utilities include, water, sewer, garbage, heat, electricity, air conditioning, and internet.

Living at the Roosevelt townhomes you will get 24-hour access to our online portal to pay rent and enter work orders, 24-hour emergency maintenance, and management just a phone call away. Pet friendly units are also available to accommodate those with furry roommates!

Don’t wait, schedule a showing to view these amazing homes today to call one yours! Plus ask about our specials. Call 701-356-RENT now!


Do Not Stress Over Moving Out

Moving out can be stressful, and we are so sad to see you go, but don’t stress out and follow these tips to a successful move out! 

  1. Don’t forget to check your email! We will be sending you a move out packet with cleaning checklists and information on carpet cleaning, as well as a sign up link to pick your move out time. Getting a move out time scheduled is on a first-come first-served basis, so make sure you check your email for those updates! 
  2. Use the cleaning checklist that is provided in your move out packet, that way you will know for sure what we are looking for at move out to avoid any additional cleaning charges. These checklists also provide replacement/cleaning charges. 
  3. Do not take your keys or your parking passes with you, make sure they are present at the time of checkout. If you are unable to be present at the time of your checkout, contact the office to work with us on turning in your keys and parking passes so you don’t get charged for them! 
  4. The carpets in your unit need to be professionally steam cleaned before your check out, so make sure to get that scheduled a few weeks in advance! We recommend having them steam cleaned at least a full 12 hours before your check out appointment. 
  5. Don’t forget to check your unit for burnt out light bulbs, dead batteries in the smoke detector, and to check the drip pans on your stove. Replace the burnt out bulbs and dead batteries and clean the drip pans to avoid additional move out charges. 
  6. When it comes to moving out, it is a great idea to bring your own cart or other moving supplies. Some of our properties do conveniently have carts, but you don’t want to have to wait on your neighbors to do what you need to do! 
  7. If you are present for your check out, bring some cleaning wipes or a spray bottle and paper towels with you! Moving out is overwhelming and when you’re cleaning you may miss some spots that need to be grabbed. No need to be charged for them, clean them while we finish your check out! 
  8. Have an old couch you don’t want anymore? Did you break that mirror trying to move it out of your room? We will have a roll-off dumpster provided at the properties for you to throw away your excess move out waste! For this reason, the garbage rooms and garbage shoots will be closed.  
  9. Your security deposit return will be one check that is returned to all leaseholders, so make sure you choose which roommate will be in charge of getting the check mailed to them. 
  10. Confused about the process or having issues with anything? That’s what the property ambassadors are here for, never hesitate to call us or come down to the office, we are here to help you! 

We hope these are some helpful tips as you think about moving. For Roers residents in North Fargo, please contact us about our VIP Checkout Experience. This is a program that will let you move out with NO stress! Contact a Property Ambassador for more details at