Brian Rust

Truly a Renaissance man, Brian Rust single-handedly runs Roers’ IT department, plays the drums, is a former skydiver (with an x-ray to prove why he doesn’t any more), and assists his wife, Kathy, in running her Vizsla breeding business, Kizmar Vizslas.

As Information Technology Manager of Roers, he is responsible for the planning, acquisition, deployment, support and administration of IT systems for Roers’ offices in Fargo, as well as Roers West in Dickinson and any project locations that involve IT.  He steps in wherever needed and makes sure the job gets done right!

Brian began his career in the Army National Guard before moving to the Air National Guard.  He has over 23 years of IT experience.  He enjoys doing the research and developing solutions for all things IT and the best part is spending someone else’s money for all the equipment and software needed to tackle each job.

It seems Brian is always working as he’s been known to answer work emails and texts even while traveling around the world with his wife.  He does manage to spend plenty of time with all his favorite hobbies including remote control flying.