Shannon Roers Jones

Shannon Roers Jones is a North Dakota native dedicated to serving the people of District 46.

With a goal of ensuring that North Dakota remains a national economic leader, and a place where families thrive, she is focused on growing a vibrant economy throughout North Dakota and guaranteeing that government runs effectively and efficiently.

Raised near Horace, N.D., Shannon’s parents instilled in her the values important to North Dakotans: hard work; service; and sacrifice. As a mother, attorney and independent voice, Shannon is committed to bringing these values to Bismarck.

Shannon received her undergraduate degree from the College of St. Benedict, where she studied business guided by the Benedictine values of respect for all people, stewardship and service. After graduation from the College of St. Benedict, Shannon attended the University of St. Thomas, earning a Master’s in Business Administration.  After working in the real estate industry for five years, Shannon returned to North Dakota and graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Law.

Since a very young age, Shannon has been actively involved in her family’s construction and development business and has enjoyed the opportunity to return to Roers since receiving her law license.

Known for her independent leadership and commitment to public service, Shannon has been actively involved in service organizations including the United Way, Jeremiah Program, and Churches United for the Homeless as well as being on the board of directors for Face It Together.   Additionally, Shannon is involved with the Cass County United Republican Committee and is a member of the District 46 Executive Committee.

Shannon resides in south Fargo with her husband Ross and their daughters Olivia, Kendall and Kate.