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Go & Explore The Western Edge

From nature and recreation to history and family fun, Dickinson and the surrounding areas have it covered!  
Explore Nature

If you are interested in hiking, trailing and sight seeing, the Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park are a must. The Theodore Roosevelt National Park located near Medora, ND is open year-round with campgrounds available and dining nearby. The hiking trails will take you to another world where you can expect to see wildlife and natures beautiful garden. 

For a more relaxed approach, wildlife viewing is available from the comfort of your own vehicle. A wide variety of animals such as bison, mule and white-tailed deer, elk, longhorns, horses, prairie dogs, birds and snakes are exciting to see while in their natural habitat.  

Golf & More

The Heart River Golf Course located near Patterson Lake in Dickinson is a great way to get out with family or friends and enjoy the outdoors! With an 18-hole, 72 par layout and Lake Patterson as the view, you cannot go wrong! If golfing isn’t for you, you can still stop in for a delicious meal and a refreshing drink! 

Walk Through History with Dinosaurs

With triceratops skulls on display, fossils of bones and teeth, eggs and baby dinosaurs and hands-on science exhibits, Dickinson’s Badlands Dinosaur Museum is a place to explore and imagine. Exhibits offer background and research as well as the exploration process. Open year-round, Badlands Dinosaur Museum is open to seniors, adults and children. Want to take the whole family? Great news, groups of 10 or more may receive a discounted rate. 

Rest & Relaxation

Lake Sakakawea covering a wide area of north western and central North Dakota is a great day or weekend trip for fun with the whole family. With miles of shoreline there is opportunity to sun bathe, rock hunt, swim in the lake, shore fish and just explore! 

Take your boat, kayak or canoe and you’re able to explore the waves and find a fishing hole just right for you. Walleye, northern pike, catfish, bass and perch are just a few of the many fish you can expect to hook onto. At the end of the evening, pitch a tent, start a bonfire and cook up the catch of the day while you enjoy some rest and relaxation in nature.

Obviously, there are still social distancing measures which need to be practiced. Before taking off on your adventures around Dickinson, please visit the Dickinson Convention & Visitors Bureau for current travel updates.

Roers is proud to be a part of the Dickinson community. We have an office, construction crews, manage properties and raise families there. Dickinson and the surrounding areas are filled with sights to see, places to go and people to see – get out there and explore and enjoy all the fun family options nearby!


Career Opportunities at Roers

At Roers we work hard to Build Success. Roers is growing and with that comes much excitement including hiring new team members. Our construction crews currently have jobs going in progress in the Fargo-Moorhead, Dickinson and Bismarck areas and are searching for new team members to join our crews.  We know that there is a lot of talent out there but we don’t always wait for it to come to us. The Roers team takes a proactive approach in searching for team members with specialized skills in the construction industry as well as providing educational resources for students.

  • Roers partners with the Building Construction Technology (BCT) program at the North Dakota School of Science (NDSCS) in many programs.  Roers representatives are on campus throughout the school year visiting with students about opportunities with Roers.  We assist NDSCS in recruiting high school students to enroll in the BCT program at NDSCS.  Roers also attends career fairs and focuses on supporting continuing education in the trades.  Roers is a member of the BCT Advisory Board. 
  • Roers has a seat on the TrainND Advisory Board.  This group works with NDSCS to provide continuing education to employees, companies and the general public, mainly focused in trades and technical studies. 
  • Roers is a member of the Fargo/West Fargo Public Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) Construction Advisory Board.  This group works to provide education and information to high school students regarding career options in the trades and technical fields. 
  • Roers is a founding member of the Herdina Trades Camp (facilitated by the Home Builders Association HBA) each summer.  It is a two week camp offering high school students an opportunity to experience many trades within a short time frame. 
  • Roers representative help students get prepared for the working world as they participate in mock interviewing, resume writing and class presentations at M State, MSUM, NDSCS and local high schools throughout the year.

So why choose to work on the construction team at Roers? As an employee of Roers Companies, you are part of a family legacy spanning over years of building success and tradition. Each team members contributions have an impact on the project they are working on. Our construction crews work year round while other construction companies may lay off in the winter so there is peace of mind of having employment throughout the year. The variety of work Roers performs is a benefit to our employees by providing an opportunity for our employees to cross-train and grow within the team providing a win-win situation for all.  This variety also lends to employees working with a variety of supervisors, team members, subcontractors and building relationships.

We encourage those who are interested in finding out about the Opportunities at Roers and who believe that all possibilities are endless, visit the listings of available positions at


Maximizing Workplace Safety

At Roers, the bare minimum is never enough and that is how we treat safety as well.  Our safety program is more than just words in a manual, it is how we do business. Safety is engrained in our core values and it is how we work. Roers stands out in the construction industry because we go above and beyond OSHA requirements, we strive for an injury free work environment. Roers is a strong believer in OSHA’s Mission: To ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Safety is supported by all in our company from our CEO down to our newest employee. Roers has three safety committees that work with each company entity to help guide our safety program.

When you see a Roers job site you will notice our team members have all the safety PPE on. We choose our subcontractor carefully as well to ensure they respect and abide by our safety practices. Working together is how everyone stays safe. Andrew St. John, is the Safety Manager at Roers. Andrew’s main responsibility is to ensure team members have a safe work environment and that they work safe.  Andrew is a certified CPR first-aid trainer and Certified Equipment trainer. He also conducts an annual safety training. Andrew performs job site inspections on a regular basis and works with the Bismarck State College OSHA consult program to insure Roers is compliant with OSHA regulations. He also manages workman’s compensation claims, in the unfortunate event that is needed, and helps coordinate our involvement in the WSI safety management system.

Andrew commented, “I enjoy getting to work closely with everyone in the company to help get them home the same way they came to work. I love helping people avoid injuries and I love being part of the Roers family!” Maximizing every opportunity to ensure safety procedures are followed whether on the job site, at a property or in the office setting is something you can expect when working with Roers.

Roers Safety Staff

A Warm Welcome at the Roers Office

Customer service is extremely important at Roers and we are lucky to have found wonderful employees that believe in that too. An example of this is when you call or stop into the Roers office in Fargo or Dickinson. Visitors are greeted with a warm, friendly Roers welcome either on the other end of the phone or a smile waiting for you when you walk in the front door.  The two people that most likely are greeting you are April and Sammy.  

We wanted to share more about them so you can see who is behind that warm welcome. Here’s a little bit oinside information about April and Sammy and their experiences at Roers 


How long have you worked at Roers? Two years 

What is your favorite duty/responsibility that you do at Roers? My favorite responsibility is showing up for work because I know something new will happen every day and the anticipation is exciting.   

What do you enjoy most about interacting with visitors at the office or talking to customers on the phone and what you enjoy about that? I enjoy being able to talk to people on the phone. Most of the calls I take are construction related whether its payment questions or transferring them to someone else.  

The part I most enjoy is when I get to learn something new from someone who has called in about supplies. They sometimes will laugh with me as I may not know exactly what they are referring to since I don’t know all of the construction supplies jargon, but by the end of the call we are both usually laughing and have taken care of who needs to know what for the supplies. Just makes your day better when you can make someone laugh! 

What Roers event do you enjoy the most and why? The Roers Christmas Party is my favorite part. I get to hangout with people from every entity and even people I communicate with daily but don’t necessarily get to see. Also, I like being able to have the opportunity to meet the new people on the team. 

What core value(s) stands out to you the most and why? Respect & opportunity. At Roers I have never encountered anyone that doesn’t respect others. The opportunities are endless, you just need to voice that you want them.  



How long have you worked at Roers? I have been at Roers for 2 ½ years. There is never a dull moment working here, every day is something new.  

What is your favorite duty/responsibility that you do at Roers?  Every day is something new whether it comes to assisting with the construction or residential team or just simply helping someone at the office. Every day is like a new and crazy adventure, but if I have to choose my favorite duty, or responsibility it would be just coming to work. When I have to be away from the office unexpectedly and when I return I feel valued, because people bring projects to me right away that need to get done, or it could just be a simple question of, “Do you know where this is?”  

Interacting with customers, or vendors is such a fun experience, because it always brings on a new challenge, like the time we took over a new management of an apartment building. I always do my best to accommodate the needs of our clients, even if I cannot help, I make I can get them in touch with someone who can. Building a relationship is my main key, whether it is bankers, tenants or subcontractors. My favorite part is when people come in and go, “Well, hello Sammy! How are you?” or “It is so nice to finally meet the voice of Roers.” To me that is earning their trust and having their trust in me.  

What Roers event do you enjoy the most and whyI absolutely love the Christmas party! That is when everyone can get together and just have fun! 

What core value(s) stands out to you the most and why Experience to me as a voice and face of Roers. I feel that it is my job to give that excellent experience in customer service. For example, I like to learn the construction subcontractors first names. When they call or walk in the front doorI always try to greet them by their name and when I do that they feel welcomed.  Respect is building a relationship where subcontractors, vendors and tenants value the experience they’ve had and look forward to their next interaction.  

April and Sammy look forward to visiting with you soon the next time you call or stop into a Roers office. We know the customer service you will be delighted with the customer service you receive.


U of Mary

Construction workers at the University of Mary put away the hard hats and put a halt to all the construction for one hour today to celebrate the grand opening of the school’s new residence hall at the center of campus.

Students, faculty, staff and honored guests officially marked the opening of the all-female, 276-bed residence hall with a festive ribbon-cutting ceremony, the unveiling of its new name, Roers Hall (pronounced Roars), and tours of the facility. Roers Hall is just steps east of Welder library tucked between two other residence halls, Greg Butler Hall and Hillside Hall, forming a neatly nestled quad that fosters more interaction among students.

“We are extremely grateful to the Roers family. Their faithfulness and devotion to Catholic higher education and their love for our students and the Benedictine Sisters of the Annunciation Monastery, founders and sponsors of the University of Mary, is an inspiration to us all,” said University of Mary President Monsignor James Shea. “Over the years Roers has expanded west from their home in Fargo, so they understand first-hand the growth we are experiencing in North Dakota, particularly in Bismarck and on our campus…”


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