Roers has been offering construction services in the upper Midwest since 1976. We’re experts in design and quality craftsmanship, and are known for meeting deadlines and budgets.

We specialize in design/build services, which incorporate our development team to lead a project from conception through completion. We can function independently as a general contractor to bring your existing plans to life, and we also maintain an active presence in the regional bid market. However you plan to use our construction services, Roers has the staff and experience to get the job done right.

Building Success


Cultural Religious

We are a leading contractor for institutional building construction throughout the Midwest. With experience in more than $150 million in institutional contracts, we are ready to take on any of your building needs:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Public and private school systems
  • Churches
  • Government buildings

Multi-family residential

Roers is a highly trusted contractor for large-scale, multi-family construction. We understand the importance of completing these projects on time and on budget. Even more, we do it with unmatched quality. Ask us about your next project:

  • Apartments
  • Dormitories
  • Mixed-use facilities


Roers has completed many warehouse, shop and manufacturing facilities for a wide variety of industries. Our clients range from municipalities to private businesses. Check out our project gallery to view completed Industrial projects.


We’re one of the most experienced commercial contractors in the area, and we’ve been trusted by a wide variety of national and local companies to complete their building projects. That’s because we meet deadlines, stay on budget and offer the highest quality work on even the most complex commercial buildings:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Restaurants
  • Mixed-use


Are you looking to build a mixed-use facility that blends commercial, residential or industrial uses? If so, we’d like to help. Our development and construction teams have the experience and knowledge to ensure the success of your project. We’ll work with you to make sure the project is designed and constructed appropriately to attract tenants and maximize the use of the building.


We are committed to safety on the job site for our personnel and the general public in the delivery of our projects.

Roers maintains an extensive safety program for the safety of our employees, contractors and everyone near the project. Andrew St. John, our Safety Manager, conducts regular site visits and provides valuable feedback on any improvements which might be needed both for our subcontractors and our own employees. In fact, over the past year Roers has participated in the OSHA consultation and training program 30 times. As part of this program, we invite an OSHA consultation representative to visit our site and evaluate our safety methods and policies. We have also participated in an annual OSHA safety stand-down at our job sites, inviting all subcontractors to be involved. These stand-down events focus on topics such as fall protection and include fall arrest system demonstration, fall protection training and discussions on different fall protection options that are available. Roers has also been proactive by utilizing the OSHA consultation program to conduct safety training on upcoming OSHA standard changes. In addition, all employees participate in First Aid and CPR training. Field employees are certified to operate specific equipment as well. Andrew conducts many safety training sessions with our employees as well as subcontractors to make sure that everyone is informed and aware of the proper safety policies and procedures. Our safety committee is comprised of employees from across the state to get first hand buy in and real time feedback.