Roers Culture


Building is in Our DNA

We are colleagues and companions, and we thrive in our community

We work hard to move great projects forward, but we take even deeper pride in our internal culture and employee retention. As an employee of Roers Companies, you are part of a family legacy that spans years of building success and tradition.

At Roers your opportunities to learn, collaborate and achieve are unlimited. Your contributions have a direct impact on the company’s success.

We are committed to being the employer of choice in the industry and we back it up by intentional team building, hiring, strong training and professional development opportunities, and it all comes with a comprehensive benefits package.

Wellness Committee

At Roers we believe that a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on the lives of our employees and their families. The role of our committee is to communicate and support wellness and health initiatives throughout the year. Competitive wellness challenges, lunch and learns, and motivational education pieces are just a few value adds the committee does.

Give and Grow Committee

Our Give and Grow committee is committed to inspire the organization to engage in the community and encourage compassion for the local and regional community. The group does this by meeting throughout the year to focus on philanthropy and culture initiatives and activities.

Chili Feed

With over 50 roasters of chili and 1000+ people in attendance, the Roers/KW chili feed is the fall event you want to be a part of. Over the past 9 years we have raised over $168,534 for the UWCC!

Building Teams

It’s a common misconception that Roers is simply a construction company, when we are in fact so much more than that.  We are proud of the verticals that make us who we are.