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Employee Recognition Program

The Employee Peer Recognition Program was created for employees to nominate co-workers for providing outstanding service to a Roers team member or a customer in the performance of their duties, or for appreciation of a co-worker’s attitude, attendance, dedication all while living out our core values.

The Safety Award has been recently introduced to the company. Some examples of criteria for how a recipient can qualify or be nominated for this award include to be involved in the Safety Committee, involvement in safety book discussion, attend safety training, take a lead in ensuring work environment is safe as well as identifying unsafe practices and writing near miss reports or “caught doing good” reports. The recipient of this award should serve as a positive role model and promote safety on a daily basis.

Nominations for this program can be made at any time and will be reviewed monthly. Please submit your entry below, download the form, or pick up a form in the Roers office or on the job sites. Entries can be emailed to Human Resources, or a hard copy can be returned to the office or to your supervisor. Winners will receive a notification by mail as well as a gift card in appreciation for their outstanding efforts. Contact hr@roers.com or call Scott at 701-356-5050 if you have any questions.

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2021 Recipients


Derek Hamann


I haven’t worked with Derek much in the past, but since he has been working at Pulver Hall, I’ve come to see his talents and enjoy having him on the job. He is willing and wants to learn and he doesn’t mind teaching thing he knows to the other crew members. Thanks for sharing your experience in a respectful way!

Michelle Lenk


Michelle has transitioned and taken on the opportunity to join our South Fargo team, has had to learn a whole new portfolio and has done it with grace. She has dove right in to learn all properties. The experience she gives to our current residents and prospects is outstanding. We have received multiple reviews on how excellent her customer service has been. She is so timely on getting her work done and I trust that anytime I need something done, she will jump right on it. She has been a tremendous asset to the South Fargo team and we are grateful she accepted the opportunity

Shannon Thornton


Shannon has vastly become an expert in our new software AppFolio. She continues to dive in to figure out issues and share with the team so we can all learn together. There are so many fine details when it comes to marketing our properties and also many hiccups we have had along the way. Shannon takes it with a grain of salt and pushes through to figure out what we need to do in order to make sure we are marketing our units to best of our ability and sharing the most accurate info. I am so thankful for her and her attention to detail to be able to get a project like this completed!

Danny Wang


Danny is someone that gets the job done. Reliable, professional and courteous are all words that come to mind when thinking of him. Specifically for our team, Danny has helped the  marketing team on some of our crazy requests. He assists with moving signage, building sign frames if we don’t have the right size on hand, delivering things to project sites and more. We are thankful for everything he assists with and that we can rely on him.


Devin Odenbach


Devin is always willing to help and answer questions when asked. He was patient and kind when working with the part-time college employees and with new employees.

Devin lives the core values and leads by example. He is supportive of incorporating the core values throughout the work day.

Devin communicates timely and is open to helping with projects out of his normal duties. 

Brian Rust


Brian crushed getting all of our team to be able to work remotely during Covid-19. He took time to work with each individual and let them work through the bumps. His respect for each individuals needs while he is assisting them is amazing. Brian is one person serving our entire company and I don’t know where we’d be without his partnership. Brian has been the unsung hero for our organization through this pandemic and beyond. He has the foresight to think of and avoid any problems we may encounter with technology or better ways of doing thing always. He often operates in stealth mode and solves problems before you even know you have one.

Brian has been incredible at assisting me with tech needs no matter where I’m at. He always communicates quickly and is patient as we trouble shoot the variety of issues I’ve had whether with mobile phone, surface, print access/capabilities, error messages, email – you name it, he’s helped.


Sam Thernes

RPM -Residential

Sam embodies the core value “Experience” in many ways but specifically by being empathetic with residents, patiently explaining options and keeping a global perspective in her role. She does a great job with residents and communicating with the team. Sam has jumped in with both feet and approaches her role keeping a global perspective in mind by considering how decisions impact owners, residents and neighbors.

 Sam has been able to take all the tasks give to her all while we are in the middle of a pandemic. She will do as many jobs as you give her hats! She has quickly learned the new procedures and is always making sure residents come first and providing premier service. While learning, she would reach out to resources right to solve the problem rather than putting it at the bottom of her to do list. Sam has been an incredible asset to or Roers team!


Leslie Wegner


I cannot say enough about Leslie’s willingness to help and share her expertise. Being new to Roers, I have asked her for help on more than one occasion on spreadsheets and she just happily does it. She has a way about her that doesn’t make you feel dumb for asking a question. She is very appreciated!



You can nominate using the web submission form to the left or download the PDF and submit to HR.