40+ Years Experience

Building Success is in our dNA

Our integrated team of professionals embodies a “can do” attitude that allows us to uphold the design integrity for each of our projects. Balancing your goals we can help you meet your visions through strategic and innovative design and construction services.

Our Process






It all starts with a vision. Ideas are the most essential component of any build, which is why we begin every project with an in-depth concept meeting that includes everything from visuals to cost-efficiencies, to materials and technologies, and input from all sides.

Our team works with architects and engineers, and can provide three-dimensional, colored renderings to our clients, which help offer a very realistic view of a building before any construction work begins. Our team is familiar with local land development and zoning regulations. We work with a civil engineer to outfit the project. We coordinate the site plans, building plans, and mechanical/electrical systems to ensure that the whole facility design is integrated to meet our client’s needs. We begin with the end in mind.
Effective pre-construction services and planning are the cornerstone of a successful construction project. Working in collaboration with the project team, we provide insight on innovative and creative construction methods and materials to ensure our clients receive a high-performance facility that maximizes return on investment.

The scope of pre-construction services should be tailored to your needs and goals depending on considerations including project specifics, construction delivery method, and design phase. Pre-Construction services include:
- Detailed Plan & Specification Review,
- Phased Estimates & Value-Engineering Recommendations
- Structural & Systems Construction Means & Methods Analysis
- Pre-Construction Scheduling
- Logistics, & Sequencing,
- Quality Control & Quality Assurance Set-Up
- Risk Assessment & Safety Planning,
- Development of Inclusion Strategies
- Bid Package & Work Scope Development
- Sub-Contractor Pre-qualification & Bid Advertisement/Promotion
- LEED Analysis & Point Evaluation and much more.
Design is an integral part of the process. Whether your project calls for an in-house architect or partnering with a firm we are passionate about creating a space that fits your needs. Our team works with you to create final design drawings based on schematics drafted during the feasibility stage of your project to check for code, regulatory and ordinance compliance.
Our construction team is made up dedicated professionals who bring the best to every construction project. Our commitment to quality and extensive warranty support have led to long-term relationships and repeat business from clients in a variety of markets.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a medical facility or an industrial equipment sales center, our construction team works seamlessly to deliver facilities that meet or exceed expectations. We provide efficient cost reporting for changes and effective tracking of approvals. We excel at problem-solving while closing gaps in information to provide valuable input in resolving construction related issues. Our onsite construction team is adept at maintaining schedules and budgets, garnering permits, facilitating inspections and directing all subcontractors. We do this while maintaining the highest level of security, safety, and especially, clients’ privacy.
Through our experience and focus on relationships, we help our clients achieve their goals of performance and profitability. No matter the type of property, our specialized teams offer a full list of services to maintain high tenant retention and maximize revenue. We are a full service real estate management firm that specializes in management of apartments, townhomes and single-family homes. Whether an owner is looking for ongoing management of a stabilized asset, looking to lease-up a recently acquired or struggling asset, or looking to re-position an asset to maximize its value, Roers Property Management Residential deploys a focused and disciplined approach to accomplishing the task at hand.

We treat each property as if it were our own, knowing that you have entrusted it to our care—whether it’s a small apartment, a house or a multi-unit property. The ultimate goal is to maintain the highest standard of property maintenance, reliable tenant selection and effective marketing, resulting in a cash-positive investment.

Our Mission

From concept to completion, Roers is building success & stronger communities.

“If you can do your job to the fullest capacity, you will be given more.”
“To grow with the company or in the community --and that is available to everyone.”
“42+ years in business doesn't just happen without great relationships.”