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The Three Affiliated Tribes Female Transitional Housing Project is a $5.5 million project and will begin October 2019. Phase I of the project will provide living space and continuum of care for clients who have completed the licensed substance abuse residential treatment project at the nearby Good Road Recovery Center and now are eligible for intensive outpatient step-down recovery treatment. The facility includes 18 2-bedroom apartments with living/dining and a bathroom, 4 2-bedroom family units, each with adult and children’s beds and two long-term efficiency apartments for live-in resident staff. The facility will hold 42 beds in total. The facility also includes a Recovery Support Child Care drop in day care center for up to six children for females with families. The center will double as an on-site tornado shelter also. The new facility is located on a 2.8 acre Greenfield site owned by the Three Affiliated Tribes in north Bismarck. The housing project will be fully owned and operated by the Three Affiliated Tribes.


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