Roers and Bell Bank Partner in United Way Poverty Simulation

Roers and Bell Bank partnered to participate in kicking off their United Way Campaigns by having over 90 employees come together to participate and volunteer in the United Way Poverty Simulation. Roers Leader, Danielle Paulus, and her husband, Ken Paulus, Bell Bank team member, have the honor to be the 2019 United Way Campaign Chairs and are excited about helping raise over six million dollars that will go right back into our local community to help move the needle on big community goals.

Roers and Bell Bank both have core values focusing on community and partnership. When looking at ways to educate and engage both organizations, they wanted to find a way that would create value for our employees. “As this year’s United Way Campaign Chairs, we are excited to be able to bring Bell Bank and Roers together to educate everyone on some of the daily challenges members in our community face, the work the United Way is doing, and how we can all make a difference,” stated Danielle and Ken Paulus. Employees were invited to attend an experience which depicts real-life scenarios. This event puts into perspective what someone or a family in poverty goes through – it could be a neighbor, someone next to you in the grocery aisle or a family on your son’s soccer team. Julie Peterson Klein, EVP/Chief Culture Officer at Bell Bank shared, “What a great day!  I was honored to take part and have heard many positive comments in meetings at Bell.  This day definitely hit my heart and minds.”

Last year Roers employees invested over $15k of employee dollars into our employee campaign. Overall our company invested $60,000 dollars from our campaign and Annual Chili Feed. We are so thankful for those who believe in giving back to our community!

“Thank you to both your amazing teams for all of the effort, energy and excitement that you put in to coordinating the poverty simulation!  Our team at United Way enjoyed sharing the opportunity to learn more about individuals who face the financial challenges of living in poverty with your teammates.  We hope they found this time to be impactful and valuable,” commented Tiffany McShane, Community Engagement Director for United Way of Cass Clay.

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