Roers Loyalty Perks Make Life a Little Sweeter

Currently, Roers offers the Roers Loyalty Program to our residential tenants at U32, SGC,  and T Lofts.  We have some exciting news to share — we will be offering the Loyalty Program to the residents of all our Fargo properties beginning this summer. 

For a full overview of our Loyalty Program, please visit our online page. We are currently contacting more businesses to join the Loyalty Program. This is a great opportunity for businesses to provide perks to hundreds of residents plus gain some loyal customers. If you are interested in becoming a Roers Loyalty Partner, please contact us at

Now more than ever, we’re longing to do something different.  While we miss our daily routines, many of us have created new ones that are now becoming boring.  We’re tired of the same old thing day in and day out. The Roers Loyalty Program offers some fun ways to shake things up, all while getting a little discount along the way!  Here is a look at some of our currently partners:

Tired of the same old thing for meals? Spicy Pie, Applebees, Little Caesars, Spartan Nutrition, Cherry Berry, Deeks Pizza, Fargo Brewing Company, and The Shack on Broadway all have delivery and/or takeout options.

Getting your financial health in order?  First International Bank & Trust is here to work with you to come out on top when it comes to your dollars and cents!

Missing the gym? Find out what Mojo Fit Studios can offer now but also when they are able to fully open. Not only can you get your fitness fix, but you can also connect with local instructors you know and love.

As we continue to adjust to how COVID-19 impacts our current daily lives, it’s extra nice to have local businesses by our side.  We invite you to connect with each one of our Loyalty Partners, and try something new! Not only will it help us brush off the “ho-hum” routines, but it’ll boost our local partners as well.