Sheyenne Senior Housing Is Moving Ground

Ground is being moved at the Sheyenne Senior Housing project in West Fargo. The crew has completed excavating the first buildings footprint. The concrete subcontractor is starting the forming of footings and foundation walls. After footings and foundations are finished, masonry start with CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls of the first building. Demolition on the second building footprint continues. Excavating will start at the end of the week of April 20.

The  Sheyenne Senior Housing in West Fargo will include two new 4-story Senior Housing Buildings called “The Monterey” and “The Bridges” along with Housing Authority of Cass County offices.  The Monterey Apartments will consist of 42 one-bedroom and three two-bedroom units as well as the Housing Authority of Cass County offices. 

A unique aspect of this project is that it began with tearing down 22 low income houses. The new housing facility being constructed is a 136,000 square foot facility which will serve as housing for for low income seniors.

For more information on this project, please continue to visit the Sheyenne Senior Housing project page.