Stay Active & Healthy

Staying active can help with your physical and mental health and there are so many ways that you can continue to stay active at home. So many of us are currently stuck staying at home doing workouts since the fitness centers closed during this time. Its important to take time for yourself to keep you healthy and active.  

Here are a few ideas you can do right from your home: 

  • Online workouts – Many fitness companies are currently offering free online workouts. If you are passionate about group fitness or have participated in group fitness before your gym was closed, you can join a Zoom workout or find a workout on YouTube! Simply search your favorite type of workout and you will find a long list to choose from. For a lot of home workouts, you won’t need to use fitness equipment, but you can also find great alternatives at home. You can use soup cans for weights, a chair for triceps dips, there are so many great alternatives out there!  
  • If you weren’t into working out before you had to stay at home, you still need to make sure you are keeping your body moving. Try setting a reminder on your phone and try one of these activities 1)every 30 minutes you walk up and down your stairs, 2) each time your phone rings you must do a push up or even a jumping jackDo a wall sit during that long daily conference call. 
  • Another way to keep your body healthy is to stretch and meditate. Finding ways to calm your mind and reach for your toes may be a great way for you to stay active. Stretching before you start your day and before bed is just enough to keep blood flowing, prevent injury or chronic pain and increase your flexibility!  

Staying inside right now is hard but so important. Staying active and focusing on your physical and mental health will make it so much easier. Keep up the good work and do the things that your body needs, it will thank you in the long run. Get as creative as you need to just make sure that you are getting your body moving throughout the day!