Thomas C. at SGC

“Roers has the best building management in Fargo. Amazingly well-designed buildings and well-maintained properties.”

Jacob F. at Bison Arms

“My favorite thing about living here is having a well-rounded living space and for a pretty low price.”

Kristen L. from the Rental Houses

“I love our fence that keeps a private yard and how close to campus I am!”

Al S. at the Rental Homes

“I love the great location close to NDSU and the even better condition of the house!”

Kelsey F. at The Metropolitan

“There’s a lot to like… but one of the biggest perks for me is the amount of storage space!”

Calla P. at SGC

“I love the staff at our building. Always helpful, mindful, and welcoming. It’s nice to live in apartments where you feel like your requests are going to be heard and your complaints matter.”

Ashley N. at T Lofts

“I honestly love the management of the building! They really want the residents to be happy as well as safe. Very easy to talk to and always putting the residents first, very comforting change from my last apartment’s management!”

Samantha W. at U32

“I love having one single bill and the same rent every month, it makes it so easy to budget.”

Megan J. at T Lofts

“My favorite thing is the elevator. So glad I don’t have to lug my groceries up to the 4th floor!”

Sam C. at SGC

“I love the underground parking!”